Silky Bourbon

3.390 Ft
The Santa Elena farm is at an altitude of 1715 meters, and on these steep hillsides you will find Fernando's coffee bushes. Silky Bourbon has the specialty of leaving a pleasant, silky sensation on the palate, with floral notes, peach, honey and caramel. Bourbon is a natural mutation of Typica, from the island of Réunion. It has a higher yield than Typica and its sweetness is considered by many in specialty circles to be unique. The fruit is usually yellow or red, but can sometimes be orange. Fernando's farm has several Bourbon coffee bushes that are over 80 years old, planted by his grandfather. Silky Bourbon goes through a washed process. This means that before drying, a machine called a depulper is used to remove both the skin and the flesh of the fruit, and then water is used to wash away anything else that remains on the bean. Washed coffee has a much clearer flavor than other processes and brings out the characteristics of the variety and terroir better than other processes.

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