Sun-dried Cherry

4.690 Ft

Grown on the 30-hectare El Porvenir farm, Sun-dried Cherry is naturally processed and combines apricot, papaya, strawberry, cranberry, mango and citrus flavors with fruity acidity, creamy body and a lingering finish. Pacamara is a cross between the 'Pacas' and 'Maragogype' varieties, created in El Salvador in 1958, 9 years after Don Alberto Pacas discovered a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety, which was named after him. Thanks to the Maragogype, the leaves, fruit and coffee beans of the Pacamara are very large. Sergio's Sun-dried Cherry is made with a natural process. This means that both the flesh and the skin of the fruit are left to ferment on the beans, allowing them to absorb a lot of fruitiness and subtle acidity.

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